FRENCH Morning Adapted Work Binder® (for Special Needs)
FRENCH Morning Adapted Work Binder® (for Special Needs)

FRENCH Morning Adapted Work Binder® (for Special Needs)

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IN FRENCH * NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER ON TPT * Functional, differentiated skill work that is the perfect addition to your morning routine and calendar time. This adapted binder will help your students start their day off right, and once mastered, can be a set of skills they complete successfully and independently.

Watch a video preview here.
See it in action here and here.

What is included?
• 1 editable cover (add student's name)
• editable pieces (for name, birthday, address, and phone number pages)
• 1 editable weekly rubric

Please note this is for a digital download. No hard good will be sent to you. You will need to print and assemble. If you'd like to see how I use the binder in my classroom, you can watch this video.

What skills does this binder practice?
• Spell and Write Name
• Birthday and Age
• Address
• Phone Number
• Calendar Counting
• Spell and Write Month
• Spell and Trace Days of the Week
• “Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow will be”
• Weather
• Monthly Weather Graphing
• Seasons and Seasonal Clothing
• Temperature (Write # and thermometer) F and C included
• US Money
• Counting 0-20
• Counting by 2's to 20
• Counting by 5's to 50
• Counting by 10's to 100
• Writing # words (0-10, 11-20)
• Sequencing # words (0-9)
• Sequencing the months
• Build a clock
• Tracing (lines, shapes)
• Colors (grey and gray included)
• Shapes
• Alphabet (uppercase, lowercase, pictures)
• Numbers (numbers, pictures, tallys)
• Write the month (1 page for each month to trace and write)
• Months
• Seasons (match and write)
• Alphabet Sequencing
• 3D Shapes
• Patterns (AB, ABB, AAB)
• Bus #, Lunch #, Computer Login
• I know my teachers/therapists
• I know how I get home
• I know my school's name
• I know what grade I am in

Editable in PowerPoint (only 3 pages are editable).

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