Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher.


[The Morning Adapted Work Binder] is great for an independent work station while I work with different groups! Easy to grade later by just leaving their answers in the binder!

Laura E.

Using [the Interactive Calendar Routine] I have definitely seen a great improvement in my student's calendar skills. So easy to implement!

Learning Through Love

This is truly an incredible resource. Exactly what I have been looking for: easy, tasty recipes that my students can follow independently. I love the color photos with each step of the recipe. In addition to the recipes, this resource includes sequencing, reflecting, and basic comprehension activities that support my students' cooking experiences in the classroom. 

Tiffany D.

The [Adapted Book Bundle of Bundles] is a fantastic resource to use with students with a variety of needs. So many goals including speech & communication, social emotional, vocabulary development, and comprehension can be worked on with these books.

Room 7 Fun

Yes! Finally! The [Endless Bundle of Data Sheets] is the most thorough and relevant group of data sheets I have ever found!

Shayla M.

Awesome way to communicate with parents! Thank you so much for the [Communication] Stickers and making communication so easy.

SPED Hub Studio