U.S. State Elementary Research Project and Notebook

U.S. State Elementary Research Project and Notebook

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Want to get your students in research mode about the US states and capitals?

This resource includes a student packet that gives students the opportunity to choose one of the 50 US states and research its facts and history, along with a notebook sheet for each state to allow students to follow along during presentations.

What do the students research about each state?
Students look at a map of the US and identify where their state is. They must draw their state in reference to its different geological identities. Students will also need to identify and draw climate changes across the 4 seasons. State symbols, location, politics, and population are also aspects the students research. Students also get to draw an opinion about if they would like to live in their state at the end of the research project. Plus more!

Using this for student presentations:
Each state gets its own page. These pages can be used to have students follow along during US States presentations or used to have students research the states. Includes looking for the capital, admission to statehood, state tree, flower, and flag, labeling the state on a US map, labeling major cities within the state, and more!

Want something more interactive?
Try the States and Capitals Research Lapbook, where students can do all of the research and put it into a presentable lapbook project.

This product IS INCLUDED in the US States and Capitals Unit.*

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