This or That Morning Routine + Attendance Check-in
This or That Morning Routine + Attendance Check-in
This or That Morning Routine + Attendance Check-in

This or That Morning Routine + Attendance Check-in

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THIS OR THAT - ATTENDANCE AND MORNING ROUTINE | Get ready to set your students up for success each morning with a multi-skill-practicing resource!

Please watch the preview video for more details and a look inside.

What is included?
• 60 (sixty) weeks of This or That questions (5 questions per week)
• 60 (sixty) weeks of printable worksheets (6 worksheets per week)

Digital Attendance Taker
• instructions for opening and using the resource (*must have access to Google Slides™)
• direct link to copy and save each file to your Google Drive™

Weekly Printable Worksheets
6 worksheets for each week to print and staple together

What skills are practiced?
  • Making a choice, sharing an opinion, fine motor (writing, coloring, tracing, cutting, and pasting), writing in sentences (opinion writing), graphing, sorting, following directions, working independently.

Why is the worksheet the same each day of the week?
  • Students thrive on routine and by providing our students with a morning routine that is predictable, students are able to their morning on a stress-free note.
  • Monday - writing prompt
  • Tuesday - graphing
  • Wednesday - making a choice and coloring
  • Thursday - sorting
  • Friday - vocabulary and tracing

How do you use this in the classroom?
  • When students are coming in to the classroom in the morning, after putting away their backpack and belongings, they have a few minutes before the morning announcements begin. We aren't quite ready to begin our morning routine, so students are in need of something structured. This is the time when they would complete this activity.
  • The digital attendance tracker is interactive and meant for students to find their name and choose their choice for that day. This at the same time keeps track of who has arrived for the school day and who is absent. The teacher can then submit attendance through the school's attendance program.
  • After interacting with the digital activity, the student will go back to his or her seat and get out that week's packet. The front page can be used to write the date in long or short form or for the student to write his or her name and the circle the student's choice. The student then goes to that day's worksheet and completes the quick activity.

What types of questions are included?
  • With 300 different this or that questions, you'll never have to worry about having to recycle a week's lessons. Each week contains 5 this or that questions. None of the questions are holiday related, so you can use them any time of year.

Do you have to use the weekly sets in order?
  • You don't! You can use them in any order you'd like, and because there are more than enough this or that questions for one school year - you can easily add a set or two to your emergency sub plans.

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