Thanksgiving Lapbook [with 12 foldables] Grades 1-4
Thanksgiving Lapbook [with 12 foldables] Grades 1-4
Thanksgiving Lapbook [with 12 foldables] Grades 1-4

Thanksgiving Lapbook [with 12 foldables] Grades 1-4

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Thanksgiving is a time all about family and being thankful. Teach your students about the first Thanksgiving, and the Pilgrims and Native Americans… all while asking them what they like most about the Thanksgiving holiday.

What do I get?
• 1 cover option
• 20+ foldables (21 - new version; 12 - old version; BOTH INCLUDED)
• First through Fourth usability
• Picture guide How To for each foldable

What do students get to reflect on about the Thanksgiving holiday?
New Version Includes:
• Cover
• Turkey pop up
• First Thanksgiving Foods
• Turkeys can / have / are
• I know about the Mayflower
• Thanksgiving Acrostic
• I am thankful for... pocket
• My favorite Thanksgiving memory
• My Map to the New World
• I wish that...
• I know about Plymouth Rock
• 5 senses of Thanksgiving
• Pilgrim / Native American Foods / Clothing
• My Thanksgiving Dinner (back)
• Me on Thanksgiving
• If I were on the Mayflower
• I like Thanksgiving because...
Old Version Includes:
• Past versus Present Venn Diagram
• 5 Senses of Thanksgiving
• Pilgrims food and Pilgrims dress
• Native Americans food and Native Americans dress
• Why I like Thanksgiving...
• The Mayflower
• Mayflower quick write prompt
• Foods at the First Thanksgiving
• Favorite Thanksgiving Memory
• Plymouth Rock
• I am thankful for...
• My Thanksgiving Table

What do I still need?
• manila folders or construction paper
• glue
• colored pencils / markers / crayons
• scissors

Other Suggestions:
• Instead of creating a lapbook, include the 20+ themed foldables into your Interactive Notebook!
• Coloring these pages does take some time. I suggest asking students to color them for homework and/or having them color during free time.
• Print on colored paper to save time coloring!

There are more foldables for students to choose from than will fit on the folder. This is great because no two lapbooks have to be the same! Your students can specialize the folder any way they want, which makes it more special and individualized.

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