Social Studies Adapted Book Bundle [ 24 books included! ]

Social Studies Adapted Book Bundle [ 24 books included! ]

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DIGITAL + PRINTABLE | Social Studies Adapted Books Bundle • Teach your students all about 24 different United States Social Studies and Historical topics with this bundled set of adapted, leveled readers.

This adapted book bundle is included in Adapted Book Club. Get access to 600+ adapted books by joining Adapted Book Club, with new books added each month!

Book titles include:
1. U.S. Constitution
2. The Bill of Rights
3. What are Amendments?
4. Working for the Government
  • President
  • Vice President
  • First Lady
  • Senator
  • Congressman
  • Supreme Court Justice
  • Press Secretary
5. Branches of the Government
  • Legislative
  • Executive
  • Judicial
6. Serving on a Jury
7. Election Day
8. How Laws are Made
9. State VS. Local Government
10. Becoming a Citizen
11. Taxes
12. Civil Rights
13. US Political Parties
Each adapted book now includes a digital adapted book in Google Drive/Google Slides.

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