Sharks Adapted Book Bundle [ 21 total adapted books included! ]
Sharks Adapted Book Bundle [ 21 total adapted books included! ]

Sharks Adapted Book Bundle [ 21 total adapted books included! ]

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Sharks are a vital species in the ocean ecosystem and help keep the circle of life moving in the sea. Teach your students all about the 14 different shark species, the shark life cycle, and more with this bundled set of adapted, leveled readers.

What is included?
• Level 1 - 14 page book with 2 comprehension questions (18 total Velcro answer pieces)
• Level 2 - 14 page book with 4 comprehension questions (22 total Velcro answer pieces)
• Paper comprehension tests (matches the questions in each book - great for keeping data)
Each adapted book now includes a digital adapted book in Google Drive/Google Slides.

This adapted book bundle is included in Adapted Book Club. Get access to 600+ adapted books by joining Adapted Book Club, with new books added each month!

What book titles are included?
1. Bull shark
2. Tiger shark
3. Great white shark
4. Mako shark
5. Hammerhead shark
6. Whale shark
7. Greenland shark
8. Thresher shark
9. Basking shark
10. Lemon shark
11. Nurse shark
12. Sand tiger shark
13. White tip reef shark
14. Black tip reef shark
• Life Cycle of a Shark
• Ocean Ecosystem
• Why Are Sharks Important?
• How We Can Help Save Sharks
• Shark Colors
• Shark Shapes
• Shark Fin Counting to 10

What information does each shark species book share?
Shark's common name and scientific name, colors and identifying features, type of animal, what they eat, life span, size (length and weight), where they can be found in the world, and what list they are on (endangered, extinct, threatened, etc.).

*All money earned by purchases of this bundle or individual shark adapted books will be donated to shark conservation.

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