School Digital Activity Bundle [10 digital activities!] | Distance Learning
School Digital Activity Bundle [10 digital activities!] | Distance Learning

School Digital Activity Bundle [10 digital activities!] | Distance Learning

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Digital Activity Bundle for School | Functional, differentiated, and now PAPERLESS skill work that is the perfect addition to your Guided Reading, Guided Math, and ELA and Math rotations and centers. This digital basics set of digital workpages will help your students practice basics K-2 skills, and once mastered, can be a set of skills they complete successfully and independently.

What is included?
• 26 (twenty-six) different activities (please read list below to see skills practiced)
• instructions for opening and editing the document (*must have access to Google Slides™)
• direct link to copy and save the file to your Google Drive™

What skills are practiced?
  1. Matching Apple Letters - 15 pages - 1 activity: match apple letters
  2. Counting Pumpkins - 42 pages - 4 activities: sorting behaviors, identify ways to be a good listener, identify good and bad choices, identify calming strategies
  3. Buying School Supplies - 31 pages - 3 activities: determine items to purchase given set dollar amount, pay using exact change, pay using dollar up method
  4. Counting Base Ten - 32 pages - 2 activities: count base 10 blocks, build numbers using base 10 blocks
  5. Counting Books to 20 - 22 pages - 1 activity: count books on shelf to 20
  6. Secret Picture Puzzles - 10 pages - 10 puzzles: vocab word match (3x), identify numbers to 20, identify numbers to 10, label real life shapes, subtraction 20 and under, label important Black history men and women, label biomes.
  7. Measurement - 22 pages - 2 activities: measure height, measure length
  8. Missing Words - 14 pages - 1 activity: look at image, read the sentence and fill in the blank to complete the sentence with the missing word
  9. Pack a Lunch - 22 pages - 1 activity: read the notepad order and pack your lunch
  10. School Bus Blends - 25 pages - 1 activity: sort blends

Nervous or a little curious about going digital in a special needs classroom?

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