Printable IEP Brochures for IEP Teams | Forever Bundle

Printable IEP Brochures for IEP Teams | Forever Bundle

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Use these IEP brochures to inform and educate your fellow IEP team members on different parts of an IEP and the different eligibility categories.

These brochures are included inside of every The Intentional IEP membership. If you are a member of TII, please do not purchase this set of resources because you already have them. To access, log in to your TII account, click "My Account" and then "Member Resources". Not yet a member? No worries! Get 50% off your first month here.

What brochures are included:

  • 13 (thirteen) Disability Category brochures (1 for each category)
  • 1 (one) What is an IEP? brochure
  • 1 (one) Parts of an IEP brochure
  • 1 (one) Accommodations and Modifications brochure
  • 1 (one) IEP Goal Writing brochure
  • 1 (one) Special Education Acronyms brochure

The information in these brochures are for educational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice or consulting.


What does "Forever Bundle" mean?

Forever bundle means that when any new IEP brochures are created, they will be added to this bundle at no additional cost to you. As new brochures are added to this bundle, the price of the bundle will increase.


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