Old Lady Swallowed the ABCs Book Companion [4 different activities!]

Old Lady Swallowed the ABCs Book Companion [4 different activities!]

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A book companion with 4 different types of activities to practice sequencing and reading comprehension with the Old Lady Swallowed the ABCs.

What is included?
Please note: you will need to purchase the book There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed the ABCs by Lucille Colandro.
• Practice sequencing the events in the story and answering Wh- questions about text and illustrations with an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon Adapted Piece Book Set
• 2 different, fun, and effective Old Lady crafts
• 3 different activities (5 different worksheets per) to practice beginning letter sounds and alphabet sequencing

How do I use this?
You can read this blog post here to read more about how I used these same activities with the Old Lady Swallowing a Frog.

Other supplies you'll need:
• the book
• a paper lunch bag
• sandwich baggie

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