Number Sense (0-20) Sorting Mats
Number Sense (0-20) Sorting Mats

Number Sense (0-20) Sorting Mats

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Sorting is an essential skill that students need to learn in their early education years. With this set of number sense 1-20 sorting mats, students can sort 120 different objects by number (20 color mats, 6 different sorting pieces per mat).
Number Sense sorting mats includes:
Each mat has the number written on the middle (ie., "1" or "20")
There are 6 pieces for each mat:
• the written number form ("one")
• tally mark representation
• number of objects
• simple addition problem ("1+0=")
• simple subtraction problem ("3-2=")
• ten frame representation
How do I use this in my classroom?
I print on white cardstock, laminate, cut out and add Velcro. During center time or during "free" time, these sorting mats are readily available for students to work on. Depending on ability level, I give the students multiple mats to work on at once.
If a student has not yet mastered the basic addition and subtraction facts, I let them leave those pieces on the sorting mats. They will then sort the remaining 4 pieces per board given to them.
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