End of the Year Activity - Memory Book Lapbook [Grades K - 6]

End of the Year Activity - Memory Book Lapbook [Grades K - 6]

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TOP 100 BEST SELLER • This interactive, K-6 lapbook is the perfect way to end the school year. This hands-on, interactive activity is a great way to reflect on the school year, celebrating successes and achievements, while giving the students something to take home.

What do I get?
• a cover for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
• 16 different foldables / pieces
• K through 6 usability (also includes pages for 7th-9th grade)
• how to picture guides

What do the students get reflect on?
• My all about me, my future, and my classroom
• goals and achievements from the year
• give advice for kids in their grade next school year
• favorites (subject, book, sport, food, song, tv show, movie)
• top 3 favorite moments
• a special note from my teacher
• my teacher flaps (front cover)
• Me this year (with grad cap on - front cover)
• all about my friends (up to 4 friends)
• Venn diagram to compare what they knew at the beginning of the year and what they know at the end of the school year
• monthly memories (back)
• what I learned this year (in math, sci, ss, and reading/writing)
• autographs from their friends
• Favorite books from this school year (pocket with 5 book sticks)

What do I still need?
• manila folders or construction paper
• glue
• colored pencils / markers / crayons
• scissors

There are more foldables for students to choose from than will fit on the folder. This is great because no two memory books have to be the same! Your students can specialize the folder any way they want, which makes it more special and individualized.

Check out this blog post for more details!

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