Early Intervention Centers { Alphabet, Shapes, and Colors }

Early Intervention Centers { Alphabet, Shapes, and Colors }

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I created these centers for the students in my Life Skills classroom to practice their alphabet uppercase and lowercase matching, shapes to their word counterpart, and colors to their word counterpart.

What do I get?
- 3 different centers that are ready to go! Alphabet, shapes, and colors.
- Alphabet comes with an UPPERCASE and lowercase set.
- Shapes set comes with a shape "person", regular shape, and the shape's word counterpart.
- Colors set comes with a colored crayon, color word, and coordinating color scribble.

For the price, that's only $1 an activity!

What do I need to do to get this ready for my classroom?
Print, laminate for longevity and cut out!

Other Ideas:
I print on cardstock and laminate them. I cut around the images instead of the squares. Then I put them in the sensory box in Motor Lab and have students search for matches. (I don't put them all in at once though! Start off with one set, and for the alphabet set, start with 5 or 6 matches and add as they show mastery.)

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