Digital Visual Schedule for School and Home [150+ icons] | Distance Learning

Digital Visual Schedule for School and Home [150+ icons] | Distance Learning

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DIGITAL VISUAL SCHEDULE FOR HOME AND SCHOOL | Creating a digital visual schedule that can easily be manipulated and changed out for your students on a daily basis is made simple with this resource! Easily used by both parents and teachers during distance learning, use this digital visual schedule resource to create a daily schedule for your students or your own children.

What is included?
• 13 (thirteen) visual schedule templates (4 first, then + 9 interactive, check off visual schedules)
• Visual Schedule icons (you insert only the icons you need for each schedule)
• direct link to copy and save the file to your Google Drive™
• instructions for opening and editing the document (*must have access to Google Slides™ to access the Google Drive™ version)

What visual schedule icons are included?
  • Home Schedule - 70 different icons
  • School Schedule - 96 different icons
  • Checkmark (for interactive visual schedule) - in 9 colors

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Nervous or a little curious about going digital in a special needs classroom?

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