Dental Health Lapbook { with 13 foldables! } All About Teeth
Dental Health Lapbook { with 13 foldables! } All About Teeth

Dental Health Lapbook { with 13 foldables! } All About Teeth

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Celebrate Dental Health month with healthy teeth and a beautiful, sparkly smile!

What do I get?
- 3 cover options
- 13 different foldables
- 1st through 4th usability
- how to for each foldable with picture guide

What do students get to reflect on?
- Healthy VS Cavity food sorting pockets
- "After I brush my teeth, they feel..."
- What do we use our teeth for accordion
- 5 teeth writing prompts
- My Cavity Shield
- Dentists can / have / are
- How do you feel about going to the dentist?
- Classroom tooth tally chart
- Why is it important to floss?
- Draw a picture you with a healthy smile
- To protect and clean my teeth, I...
- Tooth Fairy Application (with 6 flaps)
- Describe how you lost one of your teeth
What do I still need?
- manila folders or construction paper
- glue
- colored pencils / markers / crayons
- scissors

Still not sure what a lapbook is or how to incorporate one into your classroom?! You can check out my blog post here to read more.

Other Suggestions:
- Instead of creating a lapbook, include the 9-themed foldables into your Interactive Notebook!
- Coloring these pages does take some time. I suggest asking students to color them for homework and/or having them color during free time.

Your students can specialize the folder any way they want, which makes it more special and individualized. This is great because no two memory books have to be the same!

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