Black History Month Research INB Lapbook {with 10 foldables!}
Black History Month Research INB Lapbook {with 10 foldables!}
Black History Month Research INB Lapbook {with 10 foldables!}

Black History Month Research INB Lapbook {with 10 foldables!}

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32 famous African Americans included in this Black History Month research interactive notebook lapbook. Each student in your class can research and present on a different person during the entire month of February.

What do I get?
• 32 covers (each a different famous African American)
• 10 foldables for each lapbook
• a research graphic organizer to use while researching
• a picture "how to" guide for putting it all together

What do students get to reflect on?
• Basic of their famous person (birth date, name, where they lived...)
• Successes and failures in their life
• Life timeline of events
• What is this person famous for?
• How did this person affect the Civil Rights Movement?
• A famous quote by this person
• Overcoming problems
• Rewards and recognition
• If I met this person, I would ask...
• Personal opinion of this person
• Citing sources

What famous African American people are included?
• Booker T. Washington
• Frederick Douglas
• Harriet Tubman
• Jackie Robinson
• Jesse Owens
• Marcus Garvey
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Rosa Parks
• Ruby Bridges
• Sarah E. Goode
• Sojourner Truth
• Thurgood Marshall
• Alicia Coachmen
• Althea Gibson
• Bessie Coleman
• Billie Holiday
• Edna Lewis
• Marian Anderson
• Mary Lou Williams
• Phillis Wheatley
• Sarah Breedlove Walker
• Wilma Rudolph
• Barack Obama
• Ben Carson
• Benjamin Banneker
• Bill Packett
• Colin Powell
• George Washington Carver
• Langston Hughes
• Michael Jackson
• Michael Jordan
• Tuskegee Airman

What do I still need?
• manila folders or construction paper
• glue
• colored pencils / markers / crayons
• scissors

Still not sure what a lapbook is or how to incorporate one into your classroom?! You can check out my blog post here to read more.

Other Suggestions:
• Instead of creating a lapbook, include the 10-themed foldables into your Interactive Notebook!
• Coloring these pages does take some time. I suggest asking students to color them for homework and/or having them color during free time.

Your students can specialize the folder any way they want, which makes it more special and individualized. This is great because no two INB lapbooks have to be the same!

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