All About Teeth Thematic Unit Bundle | Teeth Lesson Plan Bundle

All About Teeth Thematic Unit Bundle | Teeth Lesson Plan Bundle

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An all-encompassing unit about teeth. Teach your students about teeth and dental health, and then use the supplemental activities, task boxes, visual recipe, and more!



Teeth Thematic Unit

  • Vocabulary Cards P.3-36
  • Information Reader P.37-63
  • Information Posters P.64-71
  • Book Recommendations P.72
  • Graphic Organizers P.73-86
  • Writing P.87-89
  • True/False Activity P.90-91
  • Graphing P.92-94
  • Art Activities P.95-96
  • Science/STEM Activities P.97-99
  • Math Activities P.100-108
  • Number Puzzles P.109-116
  • Sight Word Reader P.117-122

Also includes:

  • Sample Lesson Plan for the Unit


Bear's Loose Tooth Book Companion + Teeth and Dental Health Activities
• Book Companion Worksheets (sequencing, vocabulary, writing prompts, story sorting map, tracing, graphing, and more!)

• Happy/Sad Tooth Sorting Game (student sorts pictures or stories by if it would make a tooth happy or sad)

• Teeth Missing Pieces Task Boxes (student places correct missing piece into pictures relating to teeth)

• Visual Recipe


Dental Health Sorting Mats

Healthy / Cavity pieces include:

• Junk Foods: lollipops, donut, cupcake, soda / pop, chips, chocolate bar, coffee, popsicle

• Healthy Foods: broccoli, eggplant, cherries, fish, eggs, milk, carrot, peas


Dental Health Lapbook { with 13 foldables! } All About Teeth

• 3 cover options

• 13 different foldables

• 1st through 4th usability

• how to for each foldable with picture guide

What do students get to reflect on?

• Healthy VS Cavity food sorting pockets

• "After I brush my teeth, they feel..."

• What do we use our teeth for accordion

• 5 teeth writing prompts

• My Cavity Shield

• Dentists can / have / are

• How do you feel about going to the dentist?

• Classroom tooth tally chart

• Why is it important to floss?

• Draw a picture you with a healthy smile

• To protect and clean my teeth, I...

• Tooth Fairy Application (with 6 flaps)

• Describe how you lost one of your teeth


Dental Health Adapted Books [Level 1 and Level 2] Clean Teeth

• Level 1 - 10 page matching book with 2 comprehension questions (14 total Velcro answer pieces)

• Level 2 - 12 page book with 4 comprehension questions (20 total Velcro answer pieces)

• Paper comprehension tests (matches the questions in each book - great for keeping data)

JUST ADDED: Digital Adapted Book for use in Google Drive/Google Slides for both Level 1 and Level 2.


FREE Life Skill Anytime Activity - How to Brush Your Teeth

• Letter home to parents (weekly and monthly formats)

• Digital and Printable Adapted Book with printable comprehension test

• Level 1 and Level 2 sequencing mats

• Editable data sheet

• Sequencing cards

• Task analysis poster

• Student survey

• Certificate of Skill Completion




How do I put these adapted books together?

• Print on card stock and laminate.

• Cut on the dotted line on each page.

• Single hole punch for binder ring use, or bind with a binding machine.

• Put a piece of Velcro in each empty box or circle. Put a piece of Velcro on the back of each answer piece.



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