Editable Grading Rubrics for Special Education
Editable Grading Rubrics for Special Education

Editable Grading Rubrics for Special Education

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Grading in special education is a tough topic, but something we all have to worry about and do. Grades.

But how do you grade students who are not on grade level, or students who attend inclusion for social skills, or even participation?

These 100% editable rubrics are your answer, your solution, to giving your students with special needs grades.

What is included?
• 7 editable rubrics (you can use the templates to create your own rubric if you'd like)
• 20 criterion included, with 4 levels (3, 2, 1, 0)

What criterion topics are included?
There are 20 criterion included in the download, with four levels per criterion (3, 2, 1, 0). They are all 100% editable in PowerPoint, so you can change the wording to fit your specific classroom/student.
• Completion
• Engagement
• Communication
• Prompting
• Contributions
• Quality of Work
• Focus on the Task
• Working with Peers
• Time Management
• Transition
• Problem Solving
• Attitude / Behavior
• Prepared
• Respect Others
• Participates Willingly
• Follows Along
• Rules and Routines
• [Using] Accommodations
• [Using] Modifications
• Organization

What does editable mean?
All of the slides are 100% editable in PowerPoint. That means you can change the font, font sizing, add to the tables, change what the text says... all editable for you to make the rubrics specifically for your classroom or individual students.

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