All About Autumn Thematic Unit Bundle | Fall Lesson Plans + Activities

All About Autumn Thematic Unit Bundle | Fall Lesson Plans + Activities

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BUNDLE | An all-encompassing unit about Autumn. Teach your students about the season of autumn / fall and then use the supplemental activities, experiments, fine motor packet, and more!

All About Autumn Thematic Unit
  • Vocabulary Cards P. 3-20
  • Information Reader P. 21-35
  • Information Posters P. 36-41
  • Book Recommendations P. 42
  • Graphic Organizers P. 43-59
  • Acorn Booklet P. 60-62
  • Autumn Acrostic P. 63
  • Fall Facts Games P.64-68
  • Graphing P.69-71
  • Art Activities P.72-74
  • Science Activities P.75-78
  • Math Activities P.79-84
  • Math Puzzles P.85-95
  • 5 Senses of Fall P.96-102
  • Sight Word Reader P.103-108

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Book Companion
• Book Companion Worksheets (sequencing, vocabulary, writing prompts, story sorting map, tracing, graphing, and more!)

Old Lady Swallowed Some Leaves Book Companion
• Practice sorting and sequencing the events in the story with 10 different graphic organizers
• 2 different, fun, and effective Old Lady sequencing crafts
• A Velcro sequencing page
• Old Lady Swallowed Some Leaves Adapted Piece Book Set

Otis and the Scarecrow Book Companion
• Otis and the Scarecrow Craft
• Otis and the Scarecrow writing activity [2 options] (to go along with the craft - great for bulletin board displays!)
• Differentiated cut/paste worksheets (errorless included)
How to Build a Scarecrow Adapted Books (printable + digital)
• Scarecrow Emotions Task Box

Autumn / Fall Adapted Book
• Level 1 - 12 page book with 2 comprehension questions (16 total Velcro answer pieces)
• Level 2 - 12 page book with 4 comprehension questions (20 total Velcro answer pieces)
• Paper comprehension tests (matches the questions in each book - great for keeping data)
Each adapted book now includes a digital adapted book in Google Drive/Google Slides.

Autumn Fine Motor Packet
• Cut / Paste shapes (includes vocabulary spelling too)
• Cut / Trace practice (5 different sets of lines)
• Differentiated puzzles (3 total)
• Punch card activities (4 total)
• Q-Tip Art (10 total)
• Dauber / Dotter mystery pictures (10 total)

Autumn Mystery Picture Hundred's Chart Puzzles
• Instructions on how to use
• 12 different puzzles (with 3 levels of difficulty)
• Each level of puzzle includes an end question, "My mystery picture is a..." with 4 picture choices (one being the correct answer choice).

How do I use the book companion?
You can read this blog post here to read more about how I used these same activities with the Old Lady Swallowing a Frog.

How do I put these adapted books together?
• Print on card stock and laminate.
• Cut on the dotted line on each page.
• Single hole punch for binder ring use, or bind with a binding machine.
• Put a piece of Velcro in each empty box or circle. Put a piece of Velcro on the back of each answer piece.

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