Editable Teacher Binder ( Lilly Inspired )
Editable Teacher Binder ( Lilly Inspired )
Editable Teacher Binder ( Lilly Inspired )
Editable Teacher Binder ( Lilly Inspired )

Editable Teacher Binder ( Lilly Inspired )

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EDITABLE  * Do you find yourself searching more than 5 minutes for that one important piece of paper? Do you have 6 different binders to house all of your important classroom information?! Do you want to be more organized this school year? If you answered yes, then this binder is for you! Get organized and stay organized with this teacher survival binder!

What do I get?
• 3 Editable covers
• 3 sets of editable binder spines that match the editable covers
• Student Info Tab
• Class Roster (3 versions)
• Student Info Survey
• Student Profile
• Student Notes (with slots of pictures)
• Birthday Calendar (2 versions)
• Parent Contact Tab
• Contact Log (2 versions)
• Behavior Note Home
• Student Data Tab
• Curriculum Tab
• Calendar (monthly - 13 pages)
• Monthly Celebrations Tab
• Holidays and Observances Tab
• Monthly Lists of Holidays and Observances
• Student Data Tab
• IEP Info Tab with IEP Snapshot Page
• 504 Info Tab
• Lesson Plan Tab
• Lesson Plan Template (2 versions)
• Language Arts, Science, Math, Writing, SS, Specials, and Spelling Tabs
• Standards Tab
• Common Core Tab
• Pacing Guide Tab
• Blank 1 Page Calendar
• Grade Book Tab
• Examples of grade books (2 versions)
• Parent/Teacher Conference Forms
• Data Tab
• ELL / ESL Tab
• Evaluations Tab
• Benchmarks Tab
• School Info Tab
• Emergency Info Page (Fire Drill, Lock Down, Severe Weather, Other)
• Meeting Notes Tab
• Notes Pages (2 versions)
• Duties Tab
• MP 1 through MP 4 Duties Page
• Schedule Tab
• PLC Tab
• Professional Development Tab
• Technology Tab
• Behavior Plan Tab
• Documentation Tab
• Notes Tab
• Seating Chart Tab
• Seating Chart Pages (2 versions)
• Attendance Tab
• Ideas for Next Year Tab with notes page
• Lesson Reflections Tab
• Substitute Information Tab
• My Preferred Subs Page
• Parent Volunteers Tab with notes page
• Classroom Celebrations Tab

*Editable version and binder spines are editable in PowerPoint. You are not able to move the clip art or change the clip art used, but you can edit text boxes to your liking.

Use these tabs and pages however you feel needed :) You have a lot of options and freedom to create 1 huge binder or a few binders to keep your classroom paperwork organized. I don't expect you to print each of the 100+ pages. Please only print what you feel you need to keep yourself organized.
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