Core Vocabulary Adapted Book Bundle [Level 1 and Level 2]
Core Vocabulary Adapted Book Bundle [Level 1 and Level 2]

Core Vocabulary Adapted Book Bundle [Level 1 and Level 2]

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DIGITAL + PRINTABLE INSECT ADAPTED BOOK BUNDLE | Teach your students about core vocabulary words and how to use them with this bundled set of adapted, leveled readers.

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What is included?
• Level 1 - 14 page book with 2 comprehension questions (16 total Velcro answer pieces)a
• Level 2 - 14 page book with 4 comprehension questions (22 total Velcro answer pieces)
• Paper comprehension test (matches the questions in each book - great for keeping data)
Each adapted book includes a digital adapted book in Google Drive/Google Slides.

What core vocabulary words are included?
Adjectives - bad, big, cold, different, dry, fast, gone, good, happy, hot, hungry, little, more, new, old, sad, same, sick, slow, thirsty, wet
Adverbs - again, away, here, not, now, ready, there
Connectors - and, but
Helping Words - am, are, be, can, did, do, has, have, is, was, were, will
Interjections - goodbye, hello, no, please, thank you, yes
Pointer Words - all, some, that, this
Prepositions - down, for, in, off, on, out, over, to, under, up, with
Pronouns - he, her, hers, him, his, I, it, me, mine, my, she, their, them, they, we, you, you
Questions - how, what, when, where, which, who, why
Verbs - close, come, drink, eat, feel, find, finish, get, give, go, hear, help, know, like, listen, look, lose, make, need, open, play, put, read, say, see, sing, sit, sleep, stand, stop, take, talk, tell, try, turn, wait, want, work, write

There are 126 total books in this bundle.

What information is covered in this adapted book bundle?
  • what is the core vocab word, what is the word's defintion, how do you spell the word, the symbol for the word, practice using the word in a sentence

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