Editable Color Coded Bin Labels { 6 sizes! }

Editable Color Coded Bin Labels { 6 sizes! }

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A color coded classroom made easy. Color coding your classroom bins and labels not only helps you as the teacher, it helps your paras and students stay organized.

Watch the Color Coded Classroom VIDEO here to see what bins I use, for what purpose, and why.

What is included?
• 6 different sized labels, with links and images included to match up the labels for use.
• Each size of label comes in 14 different colors (although you can change the colors to add more if you'd like). The colors correlate with the Color Coded Student IEP Binders. Colors included: black, coral, dark blue, dark green, golden yellow, gray, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, teal, yellow
• Each label is 100% editable, for personal use only.

You will find each set of colored labels grouped together for ease of printing on white paper/cardstock. You’ll also find each label type together on one page in color, that way if you have a student come mid-year you can print just that student’s labels without wasting paper or ink.

Learn more about a Color Coded Classroom HERE.

If you want to use the fonts I have used, you will need to download KG Red Hands and KG Neatly Printed. Both can be downloaded free (for personal use) here on TpT.

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to edit the labels. The file is a .pptx file once unzipped.

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