Digital Back to School Bundle for Special Education Teachers

Digital Back to School Bundle for Special Education Teachers

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Editable + Digital Special Education Teacher Bundle for Back to School | Here's what is included:

Digital + Editable IEP Management Binder | Being a caseload manager and special education teacher is a wonderful experience that, unfortunately, includes tons of special education jargon and paperwork that can sometimes become overwhelming. This digital binder is your key to tidying up your daily caseload, organizing key special education information, and focusing more on your students, rather than the paperwork.

What is included in the digital IEP binder?
  • 73 digital pages in Google Slides
  • 1 editable cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Acronyms List
  • Team Contact Info (multiple versions)
  • Master Caseload List
  • Caseload Snapshot
  • Student Profile + IEP at a Glance pages
  • Parent Contact Log
  • Calendars (2 versions)
  • Tracking Calendars
  • IEP Meeting Checklist + Reminder Slips
  • IEP Goal Progress Monitoring Pages (5 general pages)
  • Accommodations + Modifications
  • Additional digital binder divider pages

Please note:
  1. This digital binder does not include any digital data forms or printable data forms. For digital data forms, click here. For printable data forms, click here.
  2. This resource is digital using Google Drive/Google Slides.

Looking for a printable IEP binder? Find them here.


Digital + Editable Para Binder for Special Ed | This informative para binder will help you help assist your classroom support staff, new or returning, and be a supportive way to share expectations and duties, along with other important student and classroom information… all while keeping it all in one, organized, and easy-to-find spot.

What is included in this digital para binder?
  • 90+ total digital pages in Google Slides
  • 5 editable covers
  • Table of Contents
  • Expectation + Duty Lists/Recommendations
  • List of Acronyms
  • Calendar
  • IEP at a Glance + Student Snapshot
  • Cleaning Schedule Chart
  • Accommodation / Modification Cheat Sheet
  • Para report, observation form, and FBA questionnaire
  • Accommodation Checklist

Please note:
This resource is digital using Google Drive/Google Slides.
Looking for a printable para binder? Find it here.

Digital Data Forms | Data sheets are a special educator's best friend. This growing bundle of digital data sheets (using Google Forms) is the perfect addition to any special education classroom.

How many digital data sheets are included?
This is a growing bundle, so there is no set number for completion. However, there will be at least 75+ digital data forms that you will be able to edit and utilize in your classroom or via distance learning.

Please click here for a preview to try a free Parent Contact Log form.

Please note:
  1. You will need a Google account to be able to edit and use these forms.
  2. This bundle does not include printable data sheets. You can find a bundle of 175+ printable data sheets here.

What types of data sheets MAY be included in the digital bundle?
• General IEP folder organization
• Request for Assistance / Nurse Forms
• Parent Questionnaires
• Student Questionnaires / Self-Evals and Assessments
• Meeting Minutes
• Observation Forms / Teacher + Specialist Reports
• IEP Meeting Dates Tracking
• Transition, Career Choices, + Vocational Assessment
• Accommodations / Modifications
• FBA, Behavior, ABC Charts
• Discrete Trials
• General Goal Tracking
• Inclusion
• Task Analysis + Multi-Step Tasks
• Reading / ELA (general + elementary skills)
• Math (basic skills)
• Trials / Mass Trials
• Prompting
• Frequency + Duration
• Toileting + Life Skills

This back to school digital parent handbook is perfect for in-class learning and distance learning, all while giving parents access to important key information for your classroom and school.

What will be included?
• Editable - the pages will be editable for you to change the text.
• 8 tabs - there will be at least 8 digital tabs for you to add information to.
• Sample - a sample digital parent handbook will be included for you to view, incase you need inspiration or aren't sure what to put in each tab.


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