Year Bundle Lesson Plan Pack | 12 Activities for Each Month (for special ed)

Year Bundle Lesson Plan Pack | 12 Activities for Each Month (for special ed)

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A year bundle of monthly lesson plan packs of activities and experiments to use during the school year.

What types of activities will you find in this year bundle?
• Book Companions
• Craftivities
• Adapted Work Binders®
• Adapted Piece Book Sets
• Adapted Books
• File Folders
• Task Cards
• Sensory + Science Experiments
• ...and more!

Each month includes a different variety of activities.

You'll find the list of each month's activities here:
• Snowflake Life Cycle Adapted Book
• Book Companion for The Color Monster - A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas
• Craftivity for The Color Monster - A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas
• Snowball Numbers 0-10 Task Box
• Color Matching File Folder
• Winter-themed Adapted Work Binder (4 workpages)
• Sentence Puzzles (6 total puzzles)
• Polar Bear, Polar Bear Adapted Piece Book Set
• Snowmen at Work Adapted Piece Book Set
• Snowman Disguise Task Box
• How to Build a Snowman Adapted Book
• 2 winter-themed Mystery Picture 100's Chart Puzzles

• Trying to Love Spiders Book Companion
• Trying to Love Spiders Craftivity
• Writing Component for Craftivity
• Life Cycle of a Spider Adapted Book
• Spider Graphing Activity
• Types of Spiders Task Cards
• Heart Alphabet Letters Task Cards
• Waterbead Counting Activity
• Visual Recipe for Cupid Crunch
• Bag Tag Activity for Cupid Crunch
• Sensory Experiment for Dying Pasta
• Science Experiment – Dancing Candy Hearts
BONUS - Spiderweb Numbers 0-10 Task Cards

• Rainbow Fish Book Companion
• Rainbow Fish Craftivity
• Rainbow Fish Writing Activity
• Sink or Float STEM Activity
BONUS - Build a Boat STEM Activity
• Life Cycle of a Shamrock Adapted Book
• Life Cycle of a Shamrock Flip Book
• Sentence Puzzles (6 total puzzles)
• Rainbow Ring Science Experiment
• Rainbow Shamrock
• Lacing Cards
• Basic Money Task cards
• Old Lady Swallowed a Clover Adapted Piece Book Set

• Planting a Rainbow Book Companion
• Planting a Rainbow Craftivity
• Planting a Rainbow Writing Activity
• Tall Tall Tree Book Companion
• Tall Tall Tree Craftivity
• Tall Tall Tree Writing Activity
• Earth Day Scavenger Hunt
• DIY Seed Balls Visual Recipe
• Spring Adapted Book
• Rainmaker Craftstick
• Seed Germination Experiment
• Raindrops Matching Mat
BONUS: Compost Stew Adapted Piece Book Set

• Hello Hello Book Companion
• Hello Hello Craftivity
• Hello Hello Writing Activity
• Last Day Blues Adapted Piece Book Set
• Memorial Day Adapted Books
• Military Adapted Work Binder®
• Colors Task Box
• Red White Blue Dipped Strawberries Visual Recipe
• Marshmallow Shooter Experiment
• Counting Sand Dollars to 10 Adapted Book
BONUS: Military Branches Task Box

• 1,2,3 Make S'mores with Me Book Companion
• Craftivity and Writing
• The Night Before Summer Vacation Book Companion
• Craftivity and Writing
• Fruit Pizza Visual Recipe
• Father’s Day Craft
• Father’s Day Adapted Book
• Camping Adapted Book
• S’mores Visual Recipe
• Campfire Shapes Task Box
BONUS: Marshmallow STEM Shapes

• Melting in the Sun Experiment
• Bubble Craft
• The Watermelon Seed Adapted Piece Book Set
• The Watermelon Seed Book Companion
• The Watermelon Seed Craftivity and Writing
• Watermelon Slush Visual Recipe
• Life Cycle of a Watermelon Adapted Book
• Watermelon Counting to 10 Task Cards
• Watermelon Farm Sentence Builder Set
• Types of Sharks Task Box
• Baby Shark Adapted Piece Book Set
BONUS: Shark Activity Pages

• The Fruit Salad Friend Book Companion
• The Fruit Salad Friend Craftivity
• The Fruit Salad Friend Writing
• Fruit Salad Visual Recipe
• Types of Fruits Adapted Book
• Making Friends Social Story + Sorting
• Celery Science Experiment
• Mrs. Wishy-Washy’sFarm Book Companion
• Mrs. Wishy-Washy’sFarm Craftivity
• Mrs. Wishy-Washy’sFarm Writing
• On the Farm Adapted Book
• Magic Milk Science Experiment
BONUS: Old Lady Swallowed Books APBS

• Officer Buckle and Gloria Book Companion
• Officer Buckle and Gloria Craftivity
• Officer Buckle and Gloria Writing
• Officer Buckle and Gloria APBS
• Community Helpers Sorting Mats
• Community Helpers Missing Pieces Task Box
• Bubbling Fire Science Experiment
• We Don’t Eat Our Classmates Book Companion
• We Don’t Eat Our Classmates Craftivity
• We Don’t Eat Our Classmates Writing
• We Don’t Eat Our Classmates APBS
• DIY Dinosaur Eggs Visual Recipe
BONUS: Scenic Alphabet Sequencing Puzzles

• Pumpkin Math / Investigation
• Pumpkin Visual Craft
• Pumpkin Seed Visual Recipe
• How to Make Pumpkin Pie Adapted Book
• Salt Crystal Pumpkin Experiment
• Following Directions Activity
• Stellaluna Book Companion
• Stellaluna Bat Craft
• Stellaluna Writing Prompt
• Stellaluna Adapted Piece Book Set
• Bat Life Cycle Adapted Book
• Static Electricity - Bat Wing Experiment
BONUS: Bat Sensory Bin (Alphabet + Number Matching)

• Turkey Trouble Adapted Piece Book Set
• Turkey Trouble Book Companion
• Turkey Trouble Craft
• Turkey Trouble Writing
• Sunflower Life Cycle Adapted Book
• Sunflower Craft
• Flower Expansion Experiment
• Homemade Bird Feeder Visual Craft
• Otis and the Scarecrow Book Companion
• Otis and the Scarecrow Craft
• Otis and the Scarecrow Writing
• How to Build a Scarecrow Adapted Books
BONUS: 2D Pie Shapes File Folder

• Design a Maze STEM Activity
• Old Lady Swallowed Snow APBS
• Old Lady Swallowed Snow Book Companion
• Old Lady Swallowed Snow Craft
• Old Lady Swallowed Snow Writing
• Snowman Dip Visual Recipe
• How to Make Hot Cocoa Adapted Book
• How Cocoa Visual Recipe
• Sneezy the Snowman APBS
• Sneezy the Snowman Book Companion
• Sneezy the Snowman Craft
• Sneezy the Snowman Writing
BONUS: 2D Gingerbread Cookie Shapes Task Box

PLEASE NOTE * You will need to purchase the books for any book companions and/or adapted piece book sets.

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