Mystery Picture Hundred's Chart Puzzles [3 for free!]

Mystery Picture Hundred's Chart Puzzles [3 for free!]

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FREE • Mystery Picture Hundred's Chart Puzzles • Puzzles challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. Set your students up for success with multiple skills sets by using Hundred's Chart Puzzles.

What is included?
• Instructions on how to use
• 3 different puzzles (with 3 levels of difficulty)
• Each level of puzzle includes an end question, "My mystery picture is a..." with 4 picture choices (one being the correct answer choice).

What skills do these Mystery Picture Hundreds Chart Puzzles practice?
Fine motor ability, order of numbers 1-100, eye-hand coordination and visual motor, developing persistence, abstract thinking, problem solving, self correction, language and math skills, generalization, abstract shapes and shape recognition, memory... just to name a few :)

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